Feeling better, finally

Hi friends, hope you had a relaxing extended weekend. It took until Sunday for both the husband and I to finally have enough strength to walk around among the living, poor guy was sick for over a week and my allergies played a nasty game with me. Thank goodness for having Monday off, it was like we got a redo of a weekend. Though we took it easy, taking the dog to the park to play and a little shopping of course made it in. But the highlight, new grub.
For a while now, I have been eyeing the menu over at Source, an amazingly delicious vegetarian and vegan eatery here in San Francisco and thanks to an impromptu trip across the city for a DIY project, we were finally almost in the area to stop in for a tasty lunch. Lets just say it was totally worth the second bus and additional half a mile walk to find it. With plenty on the menu to satisfy any craving, the husband decided on the Avocado oink bits mozzarella burger with fries and I the Chicago bow wow. They sound a little on the odd side but oh.my.gosh. Guys. I never thought I would have that char-broil flavor as a vegetarian but Source has found the secret to amazing flavors. And its totally worth another 45 minute train ride all the way back for more.
This photo doesn't do it justice, the 'hot dog' was amazing! Its somewhere under all that relish and tasty goodness. 
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