Make this, Veggie and barley soup

Boy its been quite a few days, the husband has been home sick since Monday and I seem to be one serious busy bee all of a sudden. And of course now it seems I am getting a touch of a cold, doesn't it always work out that way? While I am going to attempt to take it easy, I am sure glad I made this tasty soup last night...the leftovers always seem to taste even better. I found this recipe for Vegetable and barley soup a while ago and have made it a few times all with what ever I had in the fridge - I just love dishes that can also clean out your stock of left over veggies. Along with the recommended veggies, I threw in a few handfuls of spinach and rainbow chard for extra nutrients. Lets just hope this keeps the germs away.
And on a tasty side note, we also discovered that brownies are fantastic paired with a slice or two of cantaloupe   Seriously! So good.
photo via vegan family

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