A beautiful Fall wedding

Last week I was able to attend my adorable cousins wedding held at the Monte Verde Inn, a beautiful private estate for a perfect Fall wedding. After about an hour and a half into our 3 hour drive, I unfortunately realized my dress along with my husbands blazer were sitting nice and neat on my desk back at home so a quick stop to drop off the dog and a super fast shopping trip were of course in order!
But back to the lovely wedding, the bride and groom had a book theme that filled this wedding with charming details and scrumptious eats. With a beautiful wooded background, the couple shared their first kiss under a beautifully bloomed altar and chandelier. I just loved her color choice; the bridesmaids wore chocolate brown and carried vibrant orange blooms, and well, the details were incredible. Each guest was greeted with their own journal and library card! My crafty cousin and her Mom took to Facebook and got every single guests photo for their seating arraignments along with super subtle food indicators for the waiters- us vegans were feathers. Changing the usual bridesmaid bouquet, each bridesmaid carried their own book with a spray of floral goodness coming out of the center. Loved it! I just wish I could have partied it up a little more, it was the beginning of my bad tummy situation. Oh and I totally missed the dessert table that came out, but my husband got a few great photos of my Grandmother realizing what indeed a dessert table was. Lets just say, she left with many bags of candies, you go Grandma.
photos for our designed life

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