Architectural beauty

Over the weekend I was getting caught up on all my blog reading and came across these architectural gem over on design love fest, one of my favorite blogs for all things color and design. While this home in Fukawa, a suburb of Hiroshima, was designed for 4 people to call home, its architecture is simply stunning. Funny enough, when I was in college I had to take a 3D modeling class where we built scale models of homes and design elements. One of our assignments was to build shapes out of a box and wouldn't you know it mine looked exactly like this house. Well, it was more of a squared box, but the front door and window placement were exactly the same! And I even had overlapping floors like the interior of this home! What do you think of the design? Back then, my teacher- who wasn't the fondest of me- told me how bad it was, but looking at this home, my design looks like it would have worked. I just love the look of the interior with the sharp angles and use of natural woods. And that front door, swoon.
found via design love fest, photos via dwell

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