Make this, Holiday menu

Over the weekend the husband and I ventured out of SF to nearby Oakland in search of amazing vegan food and our favorite Souley Vegan was the goal. About 50% of the time they seem closed for one random reason or another and Sunday was that day. Totally bummed we drove almost 40 minutes to a closed restaurant, I remembered the tasty morsels from Flacos in Berkeley and we had a new goal, tacos. An hour later I had the most amazing lunch. Seriously, if you are in the area, stop on by, the food is incredible. So much in fact that it has inspired me for this years holiday dinner.
Each year my Mom and Aunt make a traditional Mexican dinner and this year I'm thinking of making my own vegan version. After devouring my pozole {a hominy soup with a chili base} from Flacos, I'm almost positive I can recreate the flavors. I came across this recipe from of all places, Earth Balance and am thinking it might be a great way to finish off our meal. I've always been a HUGE fan of Mexican sweet bread and if this is as easy as it looks you can bet it will be added to my baking rotation.
Are you making anything fancy or special for the holidays? We always have way too much food but there is just something about the winter that a few extra sweets just seems ok don't you think?
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Sublime Dream said...

Hey girl! I loooove pozole like nobody's business! :) my MIL gave me her recipe, but it NEVER tastes as good as hers! I also pulled a sweet bread recipe off all recipes but have been to afraid to try it. I think I have the guts now though, I made a raised doughnut recipe , but I made it with whole wheat and baked instead of fried....... Lol it tasted like sweet bread with out the topping! :) I am getting inspired by you now! Maybe I should do that for Xmas too! ;) do you put raddish and cabbage on your pozole?

Monica said...

I've been afraid to try out bread, going to try to find all the ingredients in my neighborhood- we are a bit limited. Yes, cabbage and radish along with lots of onion, cilantro and a squeeze of lime. Delicious!! I've never made it myself, found a super simple base recipe for the soup base, hoping it just needs to be jazzed up a bit.