Colorful touches

I just love designed products that use ordinary objects in different ways and these beaded lights are quite fun don't you think? Dottir and Sonur, a husband and wife Icelandic due working out of Berlin have found a way to combine whimsy and color in a way that would work for any age in any space. Oh how I would love a few of these string lights above my desk! And how darling is that origami wallpaper and print? Though a room full of this paper might feel a little more like a kids room, one focal wall of this brightly colored pattern would make for a great focal point in any room. You can find Dottir and Sonur's online shop here. I've been on a paper kick lately and have a stack of origami paper, perhaps I should make a few cranes to hang around the house... you can never have too many fun crafts!
found via design sponge; photos via dorrir and sonur

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