Make this, sweet potato ravioli

Over the weekend the husband and I did a lot with food; talking about it...researching it...growing it...eating it. Spending time in our garden is starting pay off as we were able to harvest our first crop of dino kale and mustard greens. It feels so good to be able to grow your own food, if you have the space I would highly recommend it, even if its just a small pot in a window. As I was pursuing pinterest, the husband practically yelled for me to stop scrolling and go back to this ravioli dish and boy am I glad he decided to look over my shoulder at that exact moment as I would have missed these babies from Petite Kitchenesse. Sweet potato, coconut milk and roasted chili ravioli. Wowza right? They are sort of all I can think about now, I just have to grab a few more ingredients but you can bet I am going to give these tasty bits a whirl. Have you ever come across a dish that just makes you stop everything and salivate? Be sure to check out the rest of the petite kitchenesse tantalizing recipes as well, just not when you are hungry!

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