One of my favorite past times is to go thrifting and vintage shopping with the husband. He loves it and totally gets into it making it just that much funner and last week we found a few fun new pieces. We had a few hours to kill and stopped in on a few thrift stores and vintage shops in Sunnyvale and San Jose CA. At one of the stops he spotted this ugly duckling print high up on a shelf, {I would have totally missed it} and we knew we just had to have it. Its so adorably charming on old wooden slats, now we just need to find the perfect spot for it.
We stopped in at Black and Brown in San Jose with 7 minutes till closing and I managed to find this awesome beaded purse while the husband found a pair of sunglasses. We also picked up another record for our now giant vinyl collection and I got that colorful sweater down there. Its still undetermined if its a yay or nay, it was one of those purchases that you think is a good one but you're just not sure if it will actually look like what you are thinking. What do you think? Its a bit big on me so I was thinking skinny jeans and boots but who knows. For $3 it was worth the gamble.
photos by our designed life


christine said...

I love everything you bought!! I recently started thrifting again, and have gotten hooked...again!!

Monica said...

Its so addicting! We stop at almost all thrift stores and vintage/antique shops we see! On our last road trip to Vegas the husband found 3 more vintage ties for a whopping $1.50.

christine said...

Waaa! I just saw your reply!
I wished that my husband was into vintage/thrift shopping. That's ok, because I don't mind going on my own because I like going at my own pace and be able to go up and down those aisles as much as I want just in case I missed something! Hold up 1.50?! That's awesome! Can't beat that. And you're right about addicting...I kinda need to go like at least once a week. Is that bad?