Vegas or bust

Last week the husband and I decided to take a quick and very impromptu trip to Las Vegas. Within an hour of having the idea, we had booked a stay at The Artisan for a few nights and made arrangements for the parents to dog sit. A few stops and 8 hours later we were in Vegas ready to party, on a Wednesday. I must say, Vegas during the week is quite nice {and cheap}, its rather quiet and its clearly 'the regular's" time to shine. We aren't the biggest gamblers so we set off to enjoy Vegas at a little slower of a pace. And aside from getting stuck in the Circus Circus garage elevator we didn't have any hiccups. Thank goodness it was a glass elevator and we were stuck a few inches from the ground otherwise I may have lost it. Though waving to people as they walked by did pass the time.
 Of course we had to go to the Fremont Street Experience, its a total tourist stop but with all the lights and giant drinks how could you say no?
 I think our favorite stop was at the Pinball hall of fame museum. Yep, they have one, and its awesome. It was by far the best bang for your buck in Vegas, $10 lasted us almost an hour verses losing at one hand in 5 seconds. If you are ever planning a trip out there, I would highly recommend stopping by, the vintage machines are so cool in person, they even had a double player pinball machine that tilted.
And for those that like a tasty adult beverage, you have got to find a way to try this drink. It blew me away, I'm not a big fan of most alcohol and this was like drinking a flower. I may just have to track down all the ingredients myself for our bar, it was that good.
photos by our designed life

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