Making things

Did you know March is national craft month? I've been creating up a storm lately and loving every minute. Its nice to have a hobby to keep you busy, and though I am super excited about my giant craft of a knitted blanket, my fingers are incredibly tired. How do you knitters do it? I've only got about 10% done and its taken about a month already, I wish I could multitask while knitting but since both hands are in use my dvr has gotten a great workout. Have you made anything fun?
And wanted to say thanks to everyone for stopping by to check out my DIY notebook, its gotten a bit of blog love some from of my favorite crafting finds!
photo by our designed life


Jen said...

Hope your weekend gets better, and sunnier! March has definitely got me more in the mood for a bit of craft - spring, new beginnings and all that!

Monica said...

What a great way to think of it Jen! New beginnings :)