Happy weekend

Happy Friday friends, its been quite the gloomy week around here, poor Uli's done nothing but sleep and walk from one room to the other dragging her toys around. I'm hoping to get at least a little bit of water free skies this weekend, even I'm starting to get a little stir crazy. Though I did manage a trip out for a few flowers to liven up the place, I always hate how grey skies lead to bleak interiors. Something about not having a bit of sun just makes me move a little slower. And how cute are those little owls? The husband surprised me with a little box on my place setting with this 'just because' gift before dinner. What a guy. Hope everyone has a fun St. Patrick's day and eats something green...may I suggest of the healthy variety. Kale chips anyone?
earrings from ambiance, photo by our designed life

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