Agate fun

My inner child just did a little happy dance thanks to these beautiful and natural agate coasters from Elements of Style. When I was a wee one I had a beauty of a rock collection, from the fools gold and onyx to amethyst and tiger's eye, I had them all. I should have known back then how detail oriented I would be, each and every rock and gem had their very own bag or labeled display box. But back to these coasters, they are the perfect amount of polished color and the naturalness of them gives it a bit of a modern touch with its unfinished edges. So did anyone else have a polished rock collection, or was I the only one walking around with rocks in their backpack?

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christine said...

Coasters? Wow..I would be afraid to put anything on those beauties! Didn't really carry around rocks in my backpack... I maybe threw them a lot? lol kidding - maybe.