Make this, Popped amaranth peanut butter cups

Just about every season the husband and I make a large purchase from our favorite heirloom seed company Baker Creek, a gardeners dream store. With our community garden expanding fast, we have been stocking up on different varieties that may or may not grow in our area, it is after all a learning experience, and this last haul had quite a few interesting bits. Like those pink bananas, a few berries that taste like a blend of tomato and cherry and two varieties of amaranth. I had no idea what this seed like grain was before we hit check out and the next day found this amazing recipe for popped amaranth peanut butter cups and quickly went from what's this to need to have it now. I can't wait to get these in the ground, we started a few seeds indoors a few days ago and are already seeing big growth! As you can see our seed collection is getting a bit out of control {we garden by the moon if you were wondering about the labels on the bags} we could feed a small army! Do you like to try out different varieties in your garden? And ps, most of these seeds will totally grow in small pots too for all those with teeny tiny places.
 photos via our designed life
Don't these just look divine!! Can't wait to give these a try, fingers crossed its a crop that likes our garden.

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