Welcome to my home

Its been a while since I invited you in and figured now that we have been here for very close to one year, I'd better get on in. Besides, its been this way for a while now so who knows when its going to change...my bet is sometime soon. As you can tell, I have a huge love for flowers and the color purple, its always been one of my favorite colors and I'm finding that its turning up in different hues all over the house. It may seem a bit strange, but one of my favorite items we have is this vintage record/8 track/radio/fireplace thing we got from a family friend. The husband wired it up so we can also run the computer and dvd sound through it, such a fun entertainment center! I've been meaning to change its exterior just haven't found the right solution yet...any ideas?

photos by our designed life

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Sparkle and Co said...

That's chic and cosy! Have a nice week end ;)