Its been a while since I did a round of up totally awesome links I found throughout the week so I figured I'd give you a peek into what I've been adoring, wanting and needing to buy. Have a good weekend friends, hopefully you all get a nice 3 days of relaxing in a bit of sun. The husband and I are headed inland to help my in a move, can't wait to soak up a bit of country living, even if I do have to douse myself in bug spray. So, go forth and click, there are some really cool things out in the interwebs.

This behind the scene video featuring Bri of Design Love Fest was shot by her talented boyfriend Arian. Its crazy cool.

{Major girl alert} My husbands 10 year high school reunion is coming up and I need to find something to wear. Total dilemma as I have no idea what looks good on me. Turns out all that eating healthy and exercise paid off and I am now 4 sizes smaller. I've been browsing styles but still can't decide on what I want to wear, but I liked these colors, textures and styles. 

I've been trying to find the perfect laundry basket to finally get things in order in our closet. This one from Toast has the look, just wish it was in America. Wanting a blue, gold and bronze necklace from Elephantine, it's a perfect pendant for summer. And that video featuring a band, 2000 photos and 300 fans is just visually stimulating. 
And lastly, I can't stop listening to A thing for me by early Metronomy. Its both the strangest and coolest looking video. I've been hooked on these guys since seeing them live, they were pure awesomeness in skinny jeans.
Happy weekend friends.

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