Create: A few rolls {in a good way}

Ok ok so its not exactly that creative since its just rolling, but I've been trying to get my closet just a wee bit more manageable lately and after seeing a pin on Pinterest on how flight attendants pack I thought I would give it a go. Of course I had to make it just so, so I did get a little creative with a few plastic bins and some waxed cotton to keep my collection of scarves and handkerchiefs in check. Having an apartment in San Francisco has proven one thing, space is at an utmost minimum and after squeezing a husband, dog, 2 bikes, 10 full size chairs and a collection of over 200 books I'm left with practically no space for everyday things, like clothes.

I was able to squeeze two sets of framed baskets from Ikea into the closet when we moved in and have pretty much left them untouched for a year. And as you can see, each and every drawer was filled to capacity...I couldn't even open them let alone put anything in. And after an hour or so I had everything freshly rolled and stashed away. And you know what, its actually easy to maintain. I was actually able to save so much space that I was able to open up an entire drawer worth of space as well as 12" of shelf space. And I was just threatening the husband with a clothing purge, he gladly gets to keep them all. Its so nice to be able to see what I have a quick glance I would highly recommend spending a little time getting organized.
images by our designed life
Creative challenge: No. 1, No. 2

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