Create: Hand painted paper flowers

I've been working on these paper flowers off and on again for what seems forever and figured what better time to share then now since I pretty much have to ooze creativity when making them. The goal is to have a large art piece with a gradient of these babies but since they are all hand painted, hand cut and hand twisted, its taken quite a bit of time. I've always wanted to create something delicate yet 3D and am really happy with how it is turning out. Now if only there were more room and a bit more time in the day to get it finished. What can I say, I've got big dreams.
And in case you were wondering I am using white crepe paper and a mixture of acrylic paints to make the custom hues. To form the petals cut strips into shape and twist around floral wire. Piece by piece they slowly take on a flower look, you just have to be a bit patient...some of my flowers have almost 20 individual petals!
images by our designed life
Creative challenge: No.1


sarah nadine said...

those are BEAUTIFUL! so realistic. very creative ;)


christine said...

so pretty Monica!!! I love it!

Monica said...

Thanks Sarah and Christine! Its taking a lifetime but I can't wait to finally finish it.