And for a few things here and there that caught my eye....

The next time the husband threatens me with another cord stretched across the room I'm so doing this. 
image via design sponge
Completely loving this list of 35 life changing ways to use everyday objects. My mind has been blown. I mean, using a can opener to pry open those annoying and totally unnecessary hard plastic wrappers around gadgets is pure genius. Had a total 'duh of course' moment.

Now that most of my friends are having babies or are surrounded by toddlers, I am for sure passing on Treehouse Kid & Craft for all their specialty toy needs. How incredibly adorable is this wooden sewing machine!
Totally loving this spring/summer collection from NAHM. I wish I had another 5 maybe 8 inches in height, being so short does have its downfalls, especially with dresses. 

Discovered I like the taste of fresh garden parsley in green smoothies. When the husband made me a very green very potent smoothie it was like my sinuses opened right up! And I always thought it was just a garnish. 

Have a wonderful weekend friends, we have yet to make plans and I'm a bit excited about it. A bit of sleeping in sounds awfully nice. 
image by our designed life

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