Create: Jazzing up ceramics

Oh boy I've fallen terribly behind on uploading my creativeness. I've got a slue of projects that I am working feverishly to finish, seems I can't seem to finish one full thing in a day...my mind is going a mile a minute on what to make. Anyway, I found this white ceramic vase at our local dollar store {or $1.50 store I should say} and with a few pieces of tape and sharpies I created myself a one of a kind modern vessel. To get the softer look, I rubbed a napkin over the ink right after I applied to get rid of the excess color.
On a side note, a few water drops fell down the back side of it and it did run so be sure to seal it to keep your handy work in tact. Since I found this out too late, I'm going to let it do what its going to do ink wise and just re-ink with a new design. It has a bit of a water color look as its running down so I'm actually a bit excited to see how it finally turns out. Happy creating people.
images by our designed life

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OneWord said...

Super Cute! I like the colors you used a lot!