A few weeks ago the husband and I attended the first ever Unique SF and went a little crazy on all the incredible handmade goods. Years ago Unique LA was one of my most favorite shopping experiences and when we moved lets just say I was totally bummed...but now that they have made it up here I'm one happy camper again! One of my favorite items I picked up for myself was that blue Be the change sucka sweater tee from MNKR. Its quite possibly one of the most comfy pieces of clothing I own and well, who doesn't like to make a bit of a statement? They have a slue of fun tees, tanks and sweater tees to choose from both for men and women so go show a bit of handmade support.
images via mnkr


My Froley said...

Haha I LOVE the blue 'dreams' tee and the crazy elephant one is awesome too. I'm a bit anti writing on clothes right but when I get over this phase I'm totally purchasing a bunch of these :-)


Monica said...

haha I totally know what you mean. I tend to leave my clothing out of it when it comes to making a statement but I couldn't resist, they are so comfy!