Gentlemen of the Road

What a weekend I had, it was so fun we actually extended it an extra day after all the driving. Turns out this pregnant lady can't handle standing for 9 hours, by the end of the night my lower back and hips were in so much pain thankfully flashing the belly a bit got me a seat and great view for the headlining band. I don't know how you ladies that are on your feet do it, I needed an entire day to recoup! 8 bands later and a giant bread bowl of vegan soup, a veggie burger and lots of water it was one fun music festival. Though I was a little bummed I couldn't get my groove on too much, I did leave with a handful of new to me bands I can't wait to hear more from... I think the surprise of the night was my like for Gogal Bordello and the crazy beats of The Very Best, you can't help but want to shake your hips.
The husband's backpack, we finally found a way to use up all those buttons we've been collecting. I think my favorite one is the Paper Snob.
A sea of heads watching Mumford and Sons, before I gave in and sat down for the night.
images by our designed life

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