Weekend fun

This weekend the husband and I are headed out to Monterey for the Gentleman of the Road tour and could not be more excited. I got the tickets months ago and when they showed up in the mailbox a few weeks ago it was an exciting reminder...don't you love when you buy yourself a present and completely forget about it? Hopefully I will be able to stand all day since its an outdoor festival and that they will have plenty for this pregnant lady to munch on. The line up is pretty exciting but I cannot wait to see Mumford and Sons as well as Grouplove. We saw Mumford last year and it was by far one of my favorite concerts, so much folky-ness, I mean, who doesn't love a banjo?


Sublime Dream said...

Hope you guys have fun!!! The present thing is even better than finding a 20 in your pocket! ;)

sarah nadine said...

so jealous! hope you guys are having/had a blast!