A is for adorable

With a bun in the oven its pretty much been all things baby around here, from coming up with ideas for our big gender reveal party to figuring out what I want to do decor wise for our 'baby space' I'm simply amazed by how many adorable things there are out there. Like this ABC poster from Paola Zakimi of Holli. I love how these animals have a bit of personality, I think my favorite is the beanie wearing llama, and the use of the more uncommon animals is pretty smart. Though I did have to look up what i and v were...and I still don't think I know what an indri or vole are. Might just have to pick up this fun print for our little one to practice their abc's. You can find more fun prints from Paola in her store along with a few hug-able animals as well.
image via holli

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