Just hanging out

I think the second I get walls that belong just to me I am going to follow along Ruby Ellen's idea and hang an indoor hammock. If you haven't stopped by Cakies before then you simply must- its one of my daily reads. Ruby's darling girls take center stage and really could not be any cuter, always dressed in their best and doing what kids do, have fun. I am always inspired by her crafts, meals and now indoor hammocks. Such a fun idea, I would have never thought to hang one inside but now that I see it I want one now. Just even more inspiration to finally getting out of the rental game and finally take the plunge into home ownership...hopefully someday soon, this SF rent is a killer! Be sure to stop by and say hi to Ruby, you wont be sorry, she's one fun momma I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet in person while in L.A.
images via cakies


christine said...

I like the hammock idea! I'm on the same boat..I can't really do much since we're renting. However, once we do get that mortgage one day....I've always wanted a tent inside a room..like Moroccan style with huge pillows and an ornate rug...yea..one day!

Monica said...

Love that idea, you could totally but up a tent like structure in a rental! We had our wedding at a Moroccan styled hotel, sleeping under those is magical! They used floor runners to hang on the wall sort of like a chair rail, I thought it was pretty genius.