A big gender reveal

Over the weekend the husband and I threw a gender reveal party at my parents house to share our exciting news with our close family members and boy was it a blast. Even though I was super sick. Doesn't it always seem to work out that way? I had made up this quick invite for everyone to get into the spirit and my Mom and I planned a fully vegan menu for everyone to munch on before we got to the big news.
The husband was in charge of hanging the streamers and after a short break down - hey, being pregnant and sick I got a little moody- he did quite a good job.
My Mom brought out my old baby blanket for a little fun color and I couldn't believe the condition it was in. Thanks to her saving almost everything we are able to reuse a lot of fun baby things for our little one... who else can say they are using their bassinet almost 30 years later!? Its pretty fantastic and in impeccable shape and surprisingly way more sturdier then some that we have found in stores today. We of course had a little dessert table since they have been my super weakness while the little one grows....oh who am I kidding, I've always had a big sweet tooth!
And with the room almost split in half when asked if it was a boy or girl I pulled out our big reveal.....drum roll please.........we are having a GIRL! Coming this February the husband and I will be knee deep in ruffles and tutu's and we could not be more excited. I think the best expression was from my 7 year old cousin, the only boy under the age of 25, he threw up his hands and rolled his eyes. Poor guy, he is doomed to be surrounded by the girlies. And please excuse the sick eyes, I was trying my hardest to put on a strong face but toward the end of the evening my cold started to get the better of me.
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Lani Love said...

congratulations, you two!