Artsy kids costumes

The art nerd in me just had a "oh.my.gosh." moment with this adorable little girls Halloween costume. Jordan of Oh happy day has come up with 3 incredibly creative and super simple costumes for the little ones. If we have a little girl I might just have to pull this together, no one is more identifiable then Ms. Kahlo herself and it would give me a chance to pull out a few of her colorful pieces and get to explaining her art. Oh how I wish I had picked up the Frida Kahlo coloring book I saw years ago in Santa Monica. Be sure to stop by and check out Jordan's version of Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gough, at less then $15 a piece its way more creative then dressing up the kiddos in those cheap and often times plastic store bought outfits.
image via oh happy day

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Sarah said...

those are so funny! ha!