Really? REALLY?

I usually try to keep things all sunshine and lollipops around here because there is enough headache throughout our days but today is just not that day. I was woken up this morning at 4:45 to a waterfall of water coming from my bathroom ceiling which lead to my hallway dripping and then moved over to my closet. And now I have a wet carpet. All thanks to someone leaving a vacant unit above that was being renovated unlocked. Seems someone thought it would be fun {or funny} to turn on the water even though there is no sink and now we have a drippy mess. But I think the worst part of it all....its not the first time I've had an apartment flood. Oh how I wish I could just get a do over to my morning.
**Update: Turns out the workers didn't cap off the sink pipe when they ripped it out and I am getting an entire new bathroom. Major work! Talk about an oops on the contractors side, now he needs to pay for new floors, a ceiling, tile, and 4 walls. Yikes. Plus a hotel for us for a week. On the bright side its only supposed to take a week or so unlike my last flood that put me out for an entire month.
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