They say its your birthday {or mine, whatever}

Today I am celebrating my big 2-9 birthday! I remember when I was younger thinking anything past 25 was old but you know what, I was wrong. So wrong. I am in such a great place in life, not only am I growing a little one inside of me, the husband and I could not be any happier with each other and our home even our adorable pooch Uli could do no wrong. We are celebrating by going out to one of my favorite restaurants Gracias Madre with a few friends and I could not be more excited...one for not having to cook and two for being able to live in a city that has vegan Mexican food. Hopefully there will be plenty of room tonight for dessert because this pregnant lady sure does have a thing for sweets. I've never been one of those girls that gets ashamed over my age and I have a feeling I never will. We grow with each and every year that passes and with age truly comes wisdom. And just for kicks I brought back one of my favorite shots of little Uli that I took last year to wish my Mom a happy birthday. She doesn't look too pleased to be posing with a hat but her face is just way too cute not to love!
image by our designed life

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