Vegan MOFO day 14: Chia seed pudding

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Another dish I learned from the Veg world fest a few weeks ago was this chia seed pudding. Of course I still don't have all the amazing ingredients on hand- like maca powder {that stuff is pretty pricey!}I made do with what we had in our pantry for breakfast this morning along with a green smoothie. The husband loved it, its got a nice tapioca like texture with just enough sweetness. I was also out of agave and had to make do with a bit of honey, perhaps next time I may even add a teeny tiny bit of cocoa powder too just for kicks. This does take a little bit of planning ahead since you have to soak the seeds over night but folks, its totally worth it.

Chia Seed pudding
1/4 Cup chia seeds 
1 Cup rice milk {or other milk substitute}

Soak the seeds over night in an air tight container. Every once and a while I would give it a little shake to get them really coated. In the morning you will have a little bit of a gelatinous like goo but just give it a good stir and you are good to go. For add ins I used green apple, pear, banana and ground flax seeds- which I also used in our green smoothie for the morning. I also added a couple of squeezes of honey for a bit of sweetness. You could really add in anything you want, plumped up raisins, dried fruit, nuts really anything goes!

*update* after writing this I had a little left to taste test with cocoa powder. And oh yes, do try it! It really gave it a great taste with a bit of bitter meets sweet. Can't wait to give this a try again with even more add in flavors.

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