Vegan MOFO day 6: Vegans in hotels

Don't you just love when your routine gets all jumbled up? So you know the other day when we woke up with a waterfall in our bathroom...turns out there is way more work to be done to our little apartment that the construction crew that caused the damage put us up in a hotel for a week. While I wouldn't normally mind, I've got a million things to do and just this week have a doctor and dentist appointment. Not the best when you are living out of a suitcase. But it could always be worse. That's been my mantra. So I've been making the best of it, last night the husband and I got to visit a new to us Indian restaurant that was surprisingly delicious and had a variety of veggie options to choose from. So for the next few days I'll be blogging from that chaise in Hotel Kabuki, right in the heart of Japantown. PS, that top photo is from our wrap around balcony- something I thought I could never do since I am super afraid of heights. Lets just say I walked out, snapped the picture and ran back inside before my nerves got the best of me!
Thankfully over the weekend the husband and I attended the World Veg Festival and sat through a workshop on Optimal nourishment on the go with Raw vegan travel snacks {did you know you can open an avocado with your bare hands!? By far the funnest fact I learned all workshop}. I was able to pick up this variety  of snacks from the store a few blocks away {not pictured, rice milk and a fresh loaf of sourdough bread}. I was able to get a giant bowl of granola, rice milk and banana for breakfast and chose a few healthy snacks to hold me over between meals. Apples and celery are perfect snacking items since you can eat them as is and they both have that crunch factor that most of us crave. Plus those Orchard Bars I picked up were on sale and totally vegan! I think Uli just spotted that orange when I snapped that picture, she wont stop going over to it and giving it a sniff or two...lets be honest, I totally picked that up with her in mind. She doesn't really get the whole idea of just hanging out in a hotel room. Poor thing is so bored. 
How do you manage to get in proper nutrition while you are on the go away from your stove and beloved cooking gadgets?
images by our designed life


vegan.in.brighton said...

Oh no, a waterfall in your house doesn't sound good at all! It's good that they're putting you up in a hotel though & I hope Uli doesn't get too bored!

Monica said...

I think the worst part was that the dripping was over the toilet and put it out of use, something this pregnant lady absolutely needed! Uli got a new toy so she is one happy camper now :)