Vegan MOFO day 7: Gracias Madre review

When I became vegetarian then vegan one thing that was very difficult for me to give up was my Mexican food. Being raised on this cuisine sure left a big hole in my heart... one of my first foods as a baby was a rolled up tortilla dipped in beans! But thanks to a little restaurant in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco all of my tasty dreams have come true. When the husband and I moved here you better believe it was one of the first places we stopped in at and boy was I not disappointed  I even asked to go there for my birthday dinner its that good. We have been so often I have tried almost everything on the menu, I think my favorites have got to be their tacos stuffed with sauteed greens {kale} and their nopales {cactus} plate {not sure if its just a seasonal thing- we went over the weekend and it was missing on the menu}. Oh and the beans. Pure deliciousness right there. And did I mention they hand make their own corn tortillas for all to see, so good! You really can't go wrong with anything on their menu its that good. It may be a bit on the pricier side and get ready to sit with other diners especially if you are a small party, but the food is so worth it. I would highly recommend you check out Gracias Madre for a bit of authentic tasting food filled with amazing flavor. I'm about to dig in to my leftover totopos and black beans for good measure...no shame in my preggo game.
images via gracias madre 

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