For baby

We have been slowly gathering things for baby around here and with a growing collection of toys its quite clear we have a very distinctive style for our little one. Handmade and slightly quirky. And these adorable plushies from Kra Kra craft sure do fit the bill don't you think? There is just something about a more handmade looking toy then a store bought stuffed animal. Not only is there more character and personality they are usually made with better materials and love. My Mom and I have been making our little girl little things here and there, she even has her own custom mobile that looks somewhat similar to those little birds down there. I found some fun fabric in colors that are both kid and adult friendly and will be hung with wooden branches found in Golden Gate park. So much better then something plastic from the store!
images by kra kra craft
And we recently got this little critter from my younger cousin. She started off her gift giving with "it looks like it needs a little love but it reminded me of you". And she couldn't have been more right. The tag even states that this little bear "smiles a lot and is an expert on air pollution". Got to love back stories. 
image by our designed life


Anonymous said...

I really love the little plushies. They are so cute & original. Now I know what to look for when Pepelinni arrives! CAN"T WAIT

Bows and Sparrows said...

Wow. Those plush little creatures sure are adorable!