Beautiful flakes

I have a confession, until I saw these amazing macro shots by Russian photographer Andrew Osokin I had no idea each individual snowflake was this detailed. Don't get me wrong, I knew no two were alike but boy I had no idea they were this intricate! I always wondered why we used to cut up those darling snowflakes as kids into odd shapes but now I get it. One of my buddies shared this photographer on Facebook a while back and I can't stop but think of them every time there is a chill in the air. They are just such beautiful images. Can you imagine how hard it was to catch these before they melted! Being a native California girl that has only seen snow a handful of times these shots just blow my mind and make me want to go play in a few beautiful flakes. Be sure to check out the rest of Andrew's amazing photography, he will make your mouth drop with such stunning beauty.
found by jemappelle j rad and peta pixel, images by andrew osokin

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