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Its been a bit of a rough week for me, since last Monday I have been dealing with a baby that seems to like to take up space in my rib cage and it has had me in some pretty serious pain. I can't seem to get a full nights sleep but somehow fall asleep on the couch during the day no problem at all. Hopefully things get a little better soon because it sure is getting hard to stay somewhat comfortable and even breathing is getting tricky! How do you Mom's do it out there!?

Now that I am snapping away on my new phone I figured I would start sharing some of my favorite Instagram photos from the previous week with you guys here on the blog. This week I got crafty, all dolled up and did a bit of knitting in an unusual place.

My Mom stopped by to work on the invitations for the little one's baby shower and I could not have been happier with the outcome. We may have gone a little overboard with the DIY but its the first baby so we sort of had to go all out. Using a bit of raised polka dot cardstock, vellum, lace and ribbon we created one super sweet invitation don't you think? That same night as the crafting session {and the only day I was able to stay upright and pain free} was the husband's holiday work party. I must say, I felt super fancy in my new dress and was shocked I could still fit into "regular" clothes...those maternity outfits sure can be a little on the unpleasant looking side. The husband snapped that shot of me at 29 1/2 weeks. And the last photo was taken last night at Analog Tattoo. The husband was getting some work done on his kale tattoo and I broke out my baby blanket for a little productivity. I was a total hipster cliche- knitting in a tattoo shop.
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sarah nadine said...

all the way through my pregnancy (and still to this day) i ask that same question "how do moms do it?!"! i think you'll even ask yourself "how did i do it?!". sleeping is a funny thing with a big belly, but just think, in 9.5 weeks she'll be laying next to you :)

nice baby belly!