Breaking down the inspiration

Its Thursday, and my has it been a long week.  I am still trying to get my place back in order after a short vacation, isn't it always the hardest!  It did however make me even more excited to find inspiring photos that don't have piles and piles of clutter all over the place.

Mixing and matching finishes are a wonderful way to add charm and give your home a more 'lived in' feel verses those rooms that feel like showrooms.  And how about those light fixtures!  An industrial look over a country inspired table, fantastic.

This shot just makes me want to curl up with a good book under that window.  With all the white, it gives the room and even bigger feel, and loving that little green cabinet/table.   

I just loving using different objects as vases, and these blue canisters make for lovely spring centerpieces.  Don't be afraid to pull out unusual objects, the make for even more interesting florals.  One of my favorite objects to use is a white tea pot, gives it a whimsy feel.

While benches may be a little more difficult for adults to get up and down from, they are a great option for casual dining.  From the colored pillows to the clear lamps, I love everything about this space.  But those baked goodies wouldn't make it more then 5 minutes in this place!

For all the collectors out there, get creative with your displays!  These mini cake stands double for a creative and unique way to display little items all while reminding you to enjoy your collections instead of piling them in boxes.

How fun is this for a child's room!  While you might create a future font lover with this one, it is a wonderful way to create a learning environment through colors, letters and textures.  

Plain and simple, I want to move in.  That gold wallpaper is fantastic, and paired with the charm of the white washed accessories its a dream bedroom.  Natural lighting is my best friend. 

And in case you need an excuse for getting all those fun chores done.  Although I need a little flag for dishes, grocery shopping and vacuuming too.

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