Beautiful inspiration

What makes a room a room?  However you choose to design your space, make sure it fits your style and personality.  I like to take bits and pieces from everywhere to gain inspiration, and slowly but surely my place is becoming a home that fits both my husband and I's quirky and colorful side. How do you get inspired?

Absolutely loving the art on the wall in this living room.  I simply adore yellow, green and orange together.
I dream of an organized office space with shelving.  Every time I tell the husband how handy they are, he always laughs and says there is already enough shelving, even though all our walls are bare!  Maybe I should hang them myself and see if he notices.
Simple, clean and a pop of color.  Homes don't have to be over the top to get attention.  A few vintage pieces and a dog help make a room too!
A great way to add a workspace in a small space?  Hang draperies and shelving in a closet, while keeping your clothing in an armoire or dresser.
Hello gorgeous.  I am so into purple right now, and those pillows and chair, fabulous.  I just want to crawl into bed with a cup of tea and a good book.  
There is something about collections of frames in different sizes that makes me giddy.  Mixing prints, illustrations and patterns create a great focal point.  I love that this room has a squared off look, it draws the eye down toward the furniture.
How charming is this little office nook?  Sometimes all you need is a little space to call your own, and this petite desk is adorable with its corresponding containers.  And how fantastic are those windows!
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carol@The Design Pages said...

All great ideas and beautiful photos. I agree that you should hang your own shelves. I have learned that I have to hang it if I want it. My husband does not share my love of the diy.

Monica said...

Its not even that he doesn't want them! He told me flat out, he doesn't want to go to the store to get them, and hang em. Men!