Last week I focused on headboards, this week, the rest of the room.  From stark white spaces to over the top color and even a few built ins, when it comes to bedrooms, anything goes.  Seems I am drawn to the uber girly, super white and fluffy spaces... I can just see it now, the husband wading through pillows and ruffles.  Yeah right.  And then there is the whole dog on the bed thing.  Guess white would be a bad idea.  At least I can dream.
Now this is a built in.  Even though its surrounded by hard surfaces, the use of soft colors and textures make this space seem comfy and cozy.  Pillows are always our best friends.
There is something about the wallpaper, headboard and mirror that just draw me in.  Very ornate, very lovely.  I'm a sucker for anything tufted.
Love this headboard.  I can't tell if this is one solid piece or not, but you could also achieve this look with a set of ornate doors too.  
A cute way to display artwork and cards.  And the scalloped border trim makes for an interesting look.  I could see this fitting in perfectly in a child's room.  Although with the use of less contrasting colors, or even the same color with different paint finishes, it would be a fun touch to any adult room.
How fabulous is this!  I just want to crawl in and take a nap.
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Auntie Social said...

Omg that second little reading nook is so freaking adorable I think Im about to puke kittens. I have always been obsessed with the idea of cozy little reading nooks like those! I think it started with the bench window seat in Clarissa Excplains It All.

Monica said...

Haha I loved that show! And I totally remember that window seat! Oh how I wish I could have nice things...although the thought of Evan spilling and the dog shedding is enough to keep me surrounded by dark colors.