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And I'm back.  Sort of.  I still have an unhealthy amount of stuff to find places for and the laundry is this close to finally being done (I had to wash everything since they were sitting in boxes and got rained on).  Oh moving, its such a headache.  But I thought I would take a small break to check out a few things around the blog world.  I never realized just how many blogs and virtual stores I visited throughout the day, but take away a computer for a few weeks and you start to have withdrawals.  Anyway, I found these lovely little bits and just had to share.

Indo Bay Inc. is a little shop with a tag line I can get behind: Live simply, live lovely.  There is nothing like small odds and ends that just make you smile, perhaps that is what got me in this unpacking mess!  None the less, this shop had me oohing and awing over the simple designs for your home, not to mention a few modern holiday goodies.  And not only is the shop fun, but the blog is full of lovely inspiration, new items to Indo Bay's shop and even a few links to great shopping.  Love that.
photos via indo bay inc. 

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