Hi there!

Its been a week since I last checked in here and I am beyond excited that I was able to find my computer cord in the mass of mess we have going here.  We are officially moved in to our new Bay Area dwelling, and things are slowly getting back into routine.  While I am still knee deep in boxes and clothes to wash and put away, I just wanted to stop in and let you guys know I didn't forget about you.  But when your computer dies and the cord is 'in some box' things get put on hold.  Hopefully I will be back to posting asap, because well, I just can't take being silent, even when I'm only talking to avatars online.  So thanks friends for being patient.

And this is just a little shot I am dreaming about... from the sofa to the lighting and mirrors to the teeny table, I love everything piece!  What do you think about the walls?  Seems a bit cold for me, but maybe that's because its a whopping 45 degrees out here today and I am still getting used to having to dress in layers again.