Project 365, Week 20

Wow, I am incredibly behind on my photos of the day.  I have all the pictures stored up, but you think I can get them edited and loaded?  Apparently not.  So, now I get to play catch up.  

Contrast, 136/365
I just love seeing such texture and color, especially in nature.
 Points, 137/365
 Graduation, 138/365
Spent the day over in Sacramento for my younger cousin's high school graduation.  Congrats to the class of Laguna Creek High 2011.
 Plucked from the garden, 139/365
Nothing like having garden fresh flowers.  Aside from a few bugs, these poppies and yellow snapdragons are the perfect accessory to any tabletop.
 Oh Uli, 140/365
Glad someone gets to sleep in and relax.  Totally busted Uli sleeping on my side before I had made the bed.  The little sneaker even had the nerve to use my pillow!
 Spiky, 141/365
 Urban, 142/365

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