Going up

Don't you just love looking through others DIY projects for great inspiration?  I came across Loft & Cottage's stairwell make over and thought wow, that does seem relativity easy.  I don't have indoor stairs, but have always been curious as to the process, especially since I am usually the one always falling or slipping down stairs. I'm even talented enough to fall upward.  Yeah, that's always fun.

But back to the stairs.  DIYer Casey along with her handyman took a few simple rugs from Ikea and bag full of antiqued nail heads and ended up with this!  How fantastic right?  I'm loving the arrow like print, gives the classic runner a modern touch.  To see the steps and even more photos of the process, be sure to stop on over at Loft & Cottage, I still can't believe they got it done in just a few hours and at half the price of what Casey was quoted for a professional install.
photos via loft & cottage

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