Make this, Herby bean soup

Sticking with my 'new to me' recipe guidelines has really improved meal time around here. I was in a bit of a cooking slump not too long ago, you know the one where you seem to make the exact same 10 dishes every single time you cook. Over the last few weeks I have been filling my recipe folder with everything that seems interesting and doable and last night was no different.  I tried out One Green Planet's herby bean soup and my goodness, it was fantastic.  I had to do a little changing to the recipe as I didn't have everything, you would be surprised how difficult it is to find some ingredients here in SF! Or at least I have yet to find them. You can find the full recipe here, below is how I made a few adjustments... and guys, fresh soup in 20 minutes, how can you beat that!?

Herb-y bean-y soup
1 white onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 can cannellini beans
1 can light red kidney beans
4 cups low sodium vegetable stock
1 bay leaf
1 tsp oregano
pinch of salt and pepper
olive oil  {for sauteing}

I cooked everything exactly as the original recipe states but instead used a food processor to get everything to a nice creamy finish. I'm not the biggest rosemary fan so I opted to leave it out, although next time I might give it a whirl, this is a seriously delicious soup. I served it alongside a scoop of roasted brussel sprouts and a piece of garlic bread. Lets just say I am super excited there are leftovers today!

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