I've got a thing for dots, they simply fascinate me. In fact, I actually have a painting I did my senior year of high school that I made completely of dots. My husband loves it and has toted the thing from apartment to apartment for the last 10 years, its both cute and annoying as well, 10 years is a long time! But, I would gladly trade out my dotted art for any of these mandalas from artist Joy Pompeo. Talk about attention to detail, layering dot upon dot of pigment is no easy feat and can definitely be trying on the patients. Joy's shop is filled with originals and prints for those looking for a budget friendly burst of color.
photos via joy pompeo


christine said...

I think I've aways like polka dots..wonder why "polka" is involved? Things that make you go hmmmmmm... This post is inspiring Monica!

Monica said...

haha I love the way you think! I love polka dots so much, in collage we had a koi pond and mine were named Polka and Dotty :)
And if you want to try out a painting like this, try out skewers or toothpicks as the 'paint brush'.