Creative windows

Living in a big city has made it possible to enjoy one of my favorite past times again, oohing and aahhing over beautiful window displays. I've even been known to stop mid walk and gawk leaving my walking buddies to wonder where the heck I went. And who knew there was an entire blog devoted to it!? One of my favorite stores that never disappoints is Anthropologie, always creative, always colorful and always full of texture. Though this is over a year old, I still love the look of these wrapped bricks...and you could totally use them as a bit of home decor too. They would make fantastic book ends don't you think? What are some of your favorite displays? Kate Spade is my second favorite, always full of whimsical and bright colors. And now that the holidays are coming up I can't wait to spend a day downtown just checking out what display designers have dreamed up this year. I think it was last year I spotted live puppies and kittens frolicking in fake snow with a few toys on display. PUPPIES!

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