Vegan MOFO day 13: DONUTS!!!

image and recipe via leaves & flours
I seriously have an issue with sweets lately. The issue being I simply cannot get enough of the sugary goodness into my growing belly. And when I came across these apple cider donuts from the tasty looking Leaves & Flours you better believe I bookmarked these babies right away. I cannot wait to give them a try and judging from the recipe it doesn't look like its too difficult to pull together. The few times I've tried to make donuts it was a big fat fail taste wise...perhaps it was because I baked them instead of fried. If you are interesting in giving these delectable bits a go, head on over to Leaves & Flours for the recipe, I'm sure your taste buds will thank you! Plus creative baker and recipe maker Shannon has also been participating in VeganMOFO so there are many many great bites to give a try too.

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