VeganMOFO day 10: Underdog review

images by our designed life
Sometimes you just need a quick fix of something good and thankfully for me I have access to Underdog an "organic sausage joint" within walking distance from my house. With a vegetarian and vegan menu {they also have regular meat dogs so watch what you order} full of tasty things to choose from its always a fun treat to stop in. My go to dog is the Polish on a wheat bun {pictured above} while the husband always goes for the spicy smoked chipotle and a side of vegan potato salad. Made with all organic products, their vegan dogs are made with soy and wheat meat so there is a little something for everyone to try. And they don't stop at just hot dogs, you can also find fun snacks like vegan chocolate pudding, the best, and an array of quick snacks to go. Not to say these are for everyday eating, but every once and a while you've just got to have a little something bad. There were a few days at the beginning of my pregnancy that these were pretty much the only thing I could keep down, glad it was at least organic and vegan. The shop itself is super tiny- we are talking blink and you may miss it small, and only has 7 seats available but with Golden Gate Park just a block and a half away why not take it to go and have a picnic?
Note: there is also another restaurant within a few blocks with a very similar name {The taco shop at Underdogs} not the same thing and not vegan!

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Shannon R said...

A block away? So lucky. I have to drive so it takes a strong craving to get me there but it's always worth it. My husband is omni and likes it so it's a win win in our book. Plus, they are super friendly and nice.