Snacking on my favorite fruit

Do you ever bite into a food and have instant memories? Yesterday my Mom came over to do a bit of crafting for the baby and she surprised me with about 2 dozen of these tasty morsels. It had never occurred to me that not everyone is familiar with guavas...the husband had only had it in a sugary juice form and we dug in to these for dessert and breakfast this morning. When I was a wee one my Grandpa had a tree in his back yard and every fall he would bring in handfuls for me to devour, in fact I have a very vivid memory of me sitting at my grandparents dining table swinging my dangling legs and just munching on these fragrant fruits covered in sugary goodness. One bite last night and it was like I was right back in their kitchen. There really is nothing like fresh homegrown fruit, and thankfully my grandparents house is still in the family so we get to enjoy their fresh guavas, avocados and cactus. A few years before my grandfather passed away he actually brought a small guava stick from his tree to grow in my parents yard and this year was the very first time we actually got fruit from it...they were delicious but not quite the same. So to have these what I lovingly referred to all night as OG's {original guavas} to snack on sure made me smile. And turns out baby loves them just as much, she was kicking away to all the sugar.
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christine said...

OMG I love guavas too. I love the fruit more than anything made from it. Used to have a tree in our backyard where I grew up. However the ones we had were smaller, darker and usually sour- at least the ones we ate...I guess they weren't ripe yet. I used to eat them with salt.. yum. The ones that I usually find at the Asian markets are ginormous but it satisfies the craving.