Fancy sipping

Happy last day of 2012 friends. I've had the lovely pleasure of being wide awake since 1 am thanks to tons of baby kicks, seems I am now able to function on just 2 and a half hours of sleep. I sure wish I could actually get things done around the house but being on bed rest has me tethered to the couch all day and night. But at least I am still feeling healthy right?
But back to celebrating another years end. While everyone is dressed to the nines and sipping fancy concoctions, I will be home taking in a glass or two of organic sparkling pear juice and hopefully watching the famous ball drop. And speaking of fancy drinks how fantastic does this homemade ginger ale look!? I haven't sipped soda since New Years Eve of 1998 as a bet with my Mom and the only exception to that rule has been ginger ale yet I never thought of making it myself. Seems relatively easy and though it takes a few days to get nice and fizzy I bet its totally worth it. I've already made it a point to show the husband since I cannot cook and he even agreed its doable so hopefully I will be drinking my own version of this soon.
Wishing everyone out there a very safe and joyous New Years celebration.
image via design sponge

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