Hanging in there

Its officially been 15 days of being on bedrest and boy is this difficult. I've never been one to just sit around all day and do nothing {funny how when we are super busy we dream of being lazy!} so having to physically lay down and try to keep as calm as possible is becoming torturous. My poor husband, he thankfully had this entire time off from work or worked from home during the holiday week but today went back in to the office. Thankfully my Mom is stopping by for much needed tlc around the house...sometimes you just need your Mom. And though I have ample amounts of time for simple things like knitting, blogging and tv watching, I've noticed a major decline in the desire to be any kind of productive. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to take it easy for my little girl to finish growing but its really quite difficult. Anyone else out there go through bedrest before? I can't wait to meet our little one, in fact, with the thought of her coming any day now we rushed to get a car seat just in case and the husband already installed it into the car. But until then its just Uli and I chillin in bed watching hours of tv.

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