The Brooklyn Home Company

I must be on a beautiful interiors kick right now, hope you are too.  I came across design company The Brooklyn Home Company and just had to share their growing portfolio.  I love the use of color, accessories and attention to detail TBHCo puts into every room, don't you?

Exposed beams, tons of light and a ladder to a loft style bedroom.  What's not to like in this space?  Bookshelves are a great way to show off your personality, throw in a few knick nacs to go with your book collection.  I used to even have lighting in mine, until I went book crazy.

A custom built storage system!  I would absolutely love something like this, quirky and totally functional.  Designed by TBHCo, this storage piece is perfect in any room!

Perhaps one of the most interesting details shown is something TBHCo is calling 'cake molding'.  Have you heard of this term before?  After doing a quick search, the only options coming up were of the edible variety.  It looks similar to an effect I have done before using stencils and joint compound, it gives a 3D effect to your walls, while still being able to paint over the top to blend in with the walls. This design is stunning next to the ornamental woodworkings!

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